Stern Star Wars pinball launch party!


Thanks to everyone who came out for the launch party!   ANM won by using the force in one of his matches (see below).  In second was Josh Lehan, followed by Brian O’Neill in 3rd and Janel Valdez in 4th! (Full results posted on the IFPA website)pinball2017_0525pinball2017_0517pinball2017_0514

Michael Jones had the best outfit and helped Han escape Cloud City while Julie sported her Empire Kicks Back Star Wars themed kickball league shirt!  And of course Andrei had a stormtrooper on his shirt so I guess the Dark Side won! 🙂


Welcome back Wags!


Congrats to Per who won in exciting fashion as Jared pushed him and was just 5 million points away from overtaking him on the final match on Twilight Zone!  Robin Lassonde took third and Allison O’Neill continues her hot streak placing fourth!  So great to see everyone there!

See all the photos here!