Pre-City Champ Warm Up Tournament



Get warmed up before the big PAPA Circuit event with some pinball at Gestalt!  We’ll be doing group match play and it may be a bit crowded since it’s a Friday night.  We’ll likely do 4-5 rounds (depending on how quickly/slow things go – could be more rounds) and then the top 8 or so will make the playoffs (will vary depending on how many folks enter the tournament).


Are posted to IFPA now – top three below: (3rd Tony Urso, Champion: John DelZoppo, 2nd Jeremy Herrman)


WPPR 5.3 Stern Army Tournament: January 2017 (aka San Francisco Super Selfie League Season 10)

pinball2017_0004.jpgGood times at the playoffs and finals at Gestalt! Our winner was Robin Lassonde who was next to last qualifier and ran through to win the whole thing! She got this awesome Metallica translite courtesy of Stern Pinball!
B-Division was won by Derek Lipkin who beat out Rob Coli on the final match on The Walking Dead to earn a $15 Gestalt tab for which an executive order was made!
Thanks to everyone who came out and see you again for Season 11!


Season 7: San Francisco Super Selfie League


Season 7 is in the books!  We had our playoffs at Standard Deviant Brewing and they just got in two more machines so now have Attack from Mars (temporarily on free play!) and The Addams Family now on location so that’s great news!


Results are posted to IFPA and up on their site now.

Top ten were:
1) Gene X Hwang
2) Brian O’Neill
3) Daylene Langum
4) Mike Villarreal
5 tie) Allison O’Neill
5 tie) Jared Garvey
7) Zac Wollons
8) Robin Lassonde
9 tie) Derek Lipkin – also winner of last place sticker!
9 tie) Rob Coli

The B-Division was won by Tim Juchcinski!



Season Six Playoff Results!

2016-10-09 18.39.55.jpgCongrats to Season Six Champion Per Schwarzenberger!  Per won the coveted Buzzbuck$ from Buzzworks and the other prize of a free bottle of beer went to Daylene Langham.



Full results are posted to IFPA and are as follows:

1) Per Schwarzenberger
2) Brian O’Neill
3) Jared Garvey
4) Eric Wagensonner
5 tie) Allison O’Neill
5 tie) Mike Miller
7 tie) Jeremy Herrman
7 tie) Gene X Hwang
9) Janel Valdez
10) Rob Coli
11) Daylene Langum
12) Zac Wollons
13) Tim Juchcinski
14) Andreas Brekken
15) Erol Efendioglu
16) Claudia Anaya
17) Mike Villarreal
18) Ryan Blumenthal
19) Echa Schneider
20) Russ Sweetser
21) Liv Loo
22) Justin Lee
23) Susie Wasserstrom
24 tie) Chris Keating
24 tie) Joey Mucha