Battle for the Iron Throne Pinball Series 2015

Welcome to the Battle for the Iron Throne Pinball Tournament!

BgDA-20IIAE39XtThis is a series of battles throughout Westeros/San Francisco to determine who will sit on the Iron Throne!  It’s open to everyone (all ages as Gestalt is all ages since they serve food as well as beer & wine).

The series is much like Set Phasers to Flip which recently concluded but will only have three (or 4) sessions (vs. 6 for SPtF) and the final session will be the Game of Thrones pinball launch party on Sunday Nov 8th, 2015.

More details are listed below!


Battle 1: Sunday October 11, 2015 @ 2:00pm  – Gestalt – (results: Main Tourney / Finals)

Battle 2: Sunday October 25th, 2015 @ 2:00pm – Gestalt (3159 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103) – (results)

Battle 3: Sunday November 1st, 2015 @ 2:00pm – Gestalt (3159 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103) – (results)

**UPDATED 11/1/15**  Final Battle & Game of Thrones Pinball Launch Party: Sunday Nov. 8, 2015 @ 12:00pm – Gestalt (3159 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103) – We’ve confirmed that the machines will be here barring the truck being destroyed or hijacked – since this means the finals will also fall on the same date as the launch this is how Sunday will work:

12:00pm – At Noon, players can start the Game of Thrones Launch party – you will get one shot to play and the highest scores win.  There will be both a Novice and Open champion with prizes! Since we will not know exactly how many people will be playing hopefully this can wrap around 2pm when we will start the finals for the Battle for the Iron Throne.  (Read the Stern Strategy Guide starting here) – RESULTS!

2:00pm – Final Battle!  The first round will start at 2pm even if the launch party entries are still being played. As per IFPA rules – the top 22 will make the finals as we had 45 total players in the series. This comprises of the four top qualifiers from each of the three battles and then the next 12 top players.


Cost/Battle Formats:

Each Battle will have a $5 entry fee.  Formats for the preliminary Battles may vary depending on the location but will use MatchPlay to Battle in Groups of four (4) if we have more than 20 entrants.  If we have under 20 we will battle head-to-head in a 2-strikes format (using Brackelope)!

As you may know, in Game of Thrones, when you lose, you are pretty much dead, but this isn’t really Westeros and you won’t die!  Instead, everyone will earn points on a set scale according to their finishing position. (Current standings listed below.)

Aggregate scores over the course of the series will be used to award playoff spots and to determine final series rankings as submitted to IFPA (for players who do not advance to the open playoffs).

For each tournament date, the scoring for the overall rankings will be:

  • 100 points for 1st place
  • 95 points for 2nd place
  • 92 points for 3rd place
  • 91 points for 4th place
  • 90 points for 5th place, etc. etc. (1 pt increments down to zero)

Rankings are maintained for the benefit of players who want to come to multiple events, but there is no expectation or requirement that series participants do so.

Players are welcome and encouraged to attend only one Battle event if that’s what suits you. (Although we of course hope you’ll have so much fun that they have to come back (for revenge!) 🙂

PLAYOFFS/Battling for the Iron Throne!

The Playoff/Final Battle for the Iron Throne will be a three strikes knockout swiss format, just as Jon Snow would have wanted it.  24 players will be qualified for this if we have over 48 total over the three tournaments (the top four of each tournament and the next 12 players based on aggregate points).

Players will be paired with an opponent and play one two-player game on an assigned machine. The player who gets the lower score receives a strike. Once a player has accumulated three strikes, they are out of the tournament. The last player standing is the winner! Matches for the first round will be drawn based on seeding. For subsequent rounds, participants will be paired (as much as possible) against players who have the same number of strikes as they do (Swiss).

photo of Steve Ritchie playing Game of Thrones pinball courtesy of Dead Flip

photo of Steve Ritchie playing Game of Thrones pinball courtesy of Dead Flip


The Iron Bank doesn’t award WPPRs but the IFPA does!  Instead of being paid out in gold, you’ll be paid out in WPPRs (World Pinball Player Ranking points)


Games lists can be found via the website or app.  If you’d like to practice, the venues are public and should be open their regular hours so feel free to practice as much as you like!



Below will be the cumulative rankings and results from each battle to see who makes the Final Battle for the Iron Throne!  Final Results are posted here!

QUALIFIERS (* = top 4 finisher/automatic qualifier)

David Joud*
Dominic DiPalantino*
Gene X Hwang*
Ryan Blumenthal*
Eric Wagensonner*
Per Schwarzenberger*
Zac Wollons*
Tom Collins*
Matt Willmarth*
Alex Pierson*
Jon Olkowski
Ellen Frankel
Rob Coli
Jack Wasserman
Jess Lee
Maura Devereux
Jonathan Snyder
Lisa Ramon
Louise Wagensonner
Allison ONeill
Darren Ensley
Chris Connelly

9 thoughts on “Battle for the Iron Throne Pinball Series 2015

    1. Just added this to the details above but 1st place = 100 pts., 2nd = 95, 3rd = 92, 4th = 91 and it will increment down by a point for each subsequent placement.

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