San Francisco Super Selfie League Season 20


Screen-Shot-2016-11-03-at-122732.pngSo for Season 20 we’re throwing in a twist to mix things up a bit and celebrate 20 months and seasons of the SFSSL!  Thanks to everyone who’s participated so far!

Everything else will be standard but the twists are:

  • anyone who earns a top score on a machine during the regular season will automatically earn one Critical Hit card.  If that same players earns more top scores, each top score will give them a raffle ticket to earn more during the playoffs.
  • Everyone who makes the playoffs will earn one Critical Hit card for showing up to playoffs.  They will also have one raffle ticket to potentially earn more cards.
  • If you played a ‘full card’ of six different machines with scores submitted, you’ll also earn an additional card
  • The raffle will hand out a total of 5 more cards – everyone who attends playoffs is eligible for these.  Everyone at playoffs will have one raffle card by default and the others with top scores will get one raffle ticket per top score (except for the one top score that they already earned a card for – so if Luke has six top scores, he earns one card for one of them, and five raffle tickets for the other top scores)




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