Labor Day Pinball 2017 – a new Stern Army launch party!


Placeholder for now but most likely will be a tourney there as the newest Stern Army location…  It’s likely we’ll do a Critical Hit tournament which you can find out more about below…


Format details/options:

Phase 1: Match Play / Earn Spell Cards – Time TBD

Placed into pseudo-random groups of 4 (sometimes 3) the top two players after each game will earn a spell card. Upon the conclusion of Phase 1, additional spell cards, if available, will be auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds going to the Pinball Outreach Project. Games and positions will too be randomly assigned during this phase.

Phase 2: 3-Strikes – 2pm

Placed into random groups of 4 (sometimes 3) the bottom two players after each game will receive a strike. In the case of a 3 player group, only the 3rd place player will receive a strike. Games and positions will be selected via D20 roll with a Critical Hit earning both game and position selections. Each player can only select each game ONCE for the entire tournament until all selections have been exhausted. Players are eliminated from the tournament once they receive 3 strikes.


—— or ——


Players will be randomly assigned into groups of 3-4 at the beginning of each round.

Each player rolls a D20 (20-sided dice or equivalent).
The player with the highest roll gets first choice of game/position.
The player with the second highest roll gets second choice, and so on.
If a player rolls a CRITICAL HIT [20], they get both game AND position choice.

Only open games can be chosen, no waiting for games.
After the match, the player with lowest score in the group receives a strike.
After a player has 3 strikes, they are out of the tournament.

Each player can only receive one bye until all players remaining in the tournament have received a bye

The PAPA / IFPA Rulebook will be used for any necessary rulings.

Wanna see what the cards look like?  Check them out!


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