Welcome back Wags!


Congrats to Per who won in exciting fashion as Jared pushed him and was just 5 million points away from overtaking him on the final match on Twilight Zone!  Robin Lassonde took third and Allison O’Neill continues her hot streak placing fourth!  So great to see everyone there!

See all the photos here!

pinball2017_0110fThe first family of SF pinball is finally back and we wanna welcome them home with a fun tournament close to their home at The Myriad on Tuesday June 13th at 7pm!

We’ll have prizes and even more machines so stay tuned as The Myriad continues to grow it’s pinball presence like the Wags have grown their family.

$5 entry and all money will be paid out.  You can join in late if you like as we’ll be doing match play and you can follow along here!  Or just come by to say hi and see how big Daniel has gotten – he probably has more initials around town than you!

Address: 2175 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114


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