June 2017 Stern Army San Francisco aka San Francisco Super Selfie League Season #15


pinball2017_0361.jpgCongrats to Robin for winning Season 15 – it went down to the final game on The Walking Dead when she had to place ahead of EJW to claim the title.  Third went to Tom Miller, and Derek Lipkin had a strong showing rounding out the top four!

Welcome to Season 15!  All locations are available for play all month long and are listed below.  Players with 50% or more of qualifying games that count will count in the tournament (and for IFPA ranking purposes).  Again this month, six (6) machines count so you have to play a minimum of three (3) or else you won’t be counted in the tournament results submission at all.

Coaching is allowed during play so you can help each other out and say what’s lit and what to go for.  This is primarily to encourage new folks who are learning pinball and since it is a selfie league it’s hard to police it anyhow so coach away!


You can play any time starting on June 1st, 2017.

You also must submit scores within 48-hours of playing  and at the end of the season the deadline for submitting is an hour after the season closes so if you don’t submit by then, your score may not be counted (this pertains only to games you might be playing up until 11:59pm on June 30th, 2017). Note: Your game must FINISH before midnight so if you start a game at 11:55pm and it goes past midnight when you can finally take your selfie, that will not count for that week.

Everyone who plays at least 3-games will make playoffs  this season!

Season 15: 6/1/17 – 6/30/17 – Top 6 scores/games included – choose from:

  • Alamo Drafthouse: Mousin’ Around, The Big Lebowski, Pinball Magic
  • Brewcade: Demolition Man, Spider-Man
  • Buzzworks: America’s Most Haunted, Black Rose, Ghostbusters, Guns’n’Roses
  • Free Gold Watch: Iron Man, The Hobbit, Star Wars (Data East)
  • Gestalt: Taxi, The Walking Dead, Can Crusher, Dr. Who
  • The Matrix Fillmore: Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Junk Yard
  • The Myriad: Aerosmith, Champion Pub, Star Wars Episode One, Cirqus Voltaire

PLAYOFFS: July 2nd @ Gestalt @ 1pm (this is 4th of July weekend FYI) – everyone who submits scores on three different machines is eligible for the playoffs.  Like Season 14 we will have an initial round to break down the players into A and B Divisions and the top four will get a bye.


Live standings will always be available on the MatchPlay.events website here!


As far as rules of play, we will follow the joint IFPA/PAPA ruleset.  Full rules are posted at this link – all players are responsible to know the rules so if you are unsure about something, check that rules page as rules updates may occur which you will be responsible for…  Also Eric Wagensonner is also an official so you can consult him for rulings as well.

More detailed info on how to upload your scores is posted here!


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