Aerosmith pinball launch party!



We had a blast at the launch party – check out Stern Pinball’s photos they posted on their Facebook page about the event!  Full results on the IFPA website.

aerosmith-pageslider010517.jpgHave you played the new Aerosmith pinball that’s at Gestalt?  Go check it out before the launch party or come by on Sunday March 19th at 1pm at Gestalt to play in a tournament to celebrate the newest pinball machine.  We are super fortunate to also have an appearance by the artist responsible for the artwork on Aerosmith (as well as Can Crusher and Metallica as well!), Dirty Donny Gillies who will join us during the afternoon!  He’ll be signing Aerosmith flyers for a bit so drop by and say hi!  We’ll also be live streaming on so if you can’t make it in person, check it out online.  Derek will also do a little interview with Donny on the stream!  $5 to enter!


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