Alamo Drafthouse Flipping Film Monday Madness Series!



Congrats to Allison O’Neill who won her first tournament dominating the final group and winning after game 2 to earn two movie passes to Alamo Drafthouse (where this tournament series was held) as well as cash!  Second went to Zac Wollons followed by Brian O’Neill and Jeremy Herrman. Full results are posted to the IFPA website here.

Image uploaded from iOS.jpgMore to come, but if you wanna see Wizard Mode, The Big Lebowski and another surprise film as well as play pinball with people who appear in some of these films, Come out for Flipping Film Monday Madness, a series of tournaments at Alamo Drafthouse starting on Monday January 16, 2017!
Originally we were going to show films and then do a tourney afterwards.  We hit a few snags with the film portion b/c of rights, union labor (projectionists) etc. so we’ll still run the tournaments since they are already on the IFPA calendar and TJ has brought in Pinball Magic and Wizard of Oz pinball machines to Alamo!


This is a series – two sessions and playoffs on the third date

Monday Jan. 16, 2017: 7pm start time – no movie beforehand – just group match play for 5 rounds.

Monday Jan. 30, 2017: 8pm start time, check in at 7:45pm – no movie beforehand – just group match play for 5 rounds.

Monday Feb. 13, 2017: Playoffs – 7:15pm start at Alamo – A-Division Top 8 will play a ladder format until the final 4 who will then play PAPA-style match play finals. B-Division format and start time 7:30pm



  • The Flipping Film Monday Madness Series will consist of two rounds of qualifying + playoffs.  You can play in either qualifier or just a single one.
  • Each tourney is $5 to enter (playoffs are FREE for everyone who’s played in the tournament already)
  • 1st qualifier: Monday, January 16th. Winner of qualifier gets $20, runner up $10!*
  • 2nd qualifier:MondayJanuary 30th. Winner of qualifier gets $20, runner up $10!*
  • Playoffs: Monday, February 13th. Remaining prize pool to be split up amongst winners
  • Qualifying will be in groups of 4 players with 7/5/3/1 scoring. Each qualifying round will consist of however many rounds we can fit in after the films. five rounds.
  • All points a player earns are totaled up after the 2nd qualifier and the top 8** players will qualify for playoffs. Tiebreaker will be whoever have more 1st place finishes, followed by most 2nd place finishes, etc. If still tied, a 1 match playoff will break the tie.

* payouts will depend on how many people play so could be more/less

** could be more in the A-division – will update here closer to the playoffs.


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