Emily wants your WPPRs!



Thanks to everyone who came out to play with Emily while she was out here!  Results are posted to IFPA.  Thanks to Tim Juchcinski for streaming games on The Big Lebowski too (you can re-watch the stream on his Twitch channel).

So Emily is visiting us so figured it’d be a good way to bust in the Lebowski pinball so we’re doing a little tournament while she’s out here!

Format and Details:

Qualifying from Thursday Sept 22nd at 12:01am – Saturday Sept 24 at 11:59pm.

The open portion is a Best Game format like in selfie league making it easy for folks to participate – seven games count!  Then a finals will be hosted at my photography studio on The Big Lebowski, Flash Gordon and America’s Most Haunted on Sunday Sept 25th.

Qualifying games (top seven games count):

Gestalt:  Ghostbusters, Game of Thrones, KISS, Fish Tales, No Fear

Standard Deviant: Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

Free Gold Watch: Iron Man, Paragon, Bad Cats, Metallica, The Hobbit, TRON, WhiteWater, Harlem Globetrotters, The Walking Dead

Buzzworks: Star Trek: the Next Generation, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Addams Family

NOTE: You can not “double dip” by submitting the same scores to any other tournaments/Selfie Leagues so if you play a machine and want to post scores for that machines to SF Super Selfie League as well as Emily wants your WPPRs you just have to play twice.

Also, if you feel you are going to roll a machine, get someone’s attention and have them vouch for you in your selfie (this is most likely to happen at Free Gold Watch on a Solid State machine like Harlem or Paragon so let the attendant know and have them in your selfie with you indicating the rolled first digit).

You can submit scores and track qualifying results on MatchPlay here!

Rules are the same as the San Francisco Super Selfie league so you can refer to them here – and here’s how to register on MatchPlay and submit scores.



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