Season 4 Finals – San Francisco Super Selfie League


pinball2016_RAW-5974fCongrats to Robin Lassonde for her win as the champion of Season Four!

Robin won easily by taking first in the first two matches of the three-game finals and chose the $50 Gestalt tab prize.  Second went to Gene X Hwang who took the $25 Gestalt tab, while Per Schwarzenberger grabbed the Game of Thrones translight thanks to Stern Pinball, and Allison O’Neill rounded out the top four with a pass to the Pacific Pinball Museum.

For the first time we had a B-Division and while a lot of folks weren’t able to make finals it still allowed a lot more people to play in the qualifying round so I hope everyone enjoyed that.  With drink specials from Lagunitas (who hopefully will also be sponsoring future seasons), it seemed like everyone had a good time.

In the end there were two in B Finals and Rob Coli took the division edging out Daylene Langham in her first finals ever.  Daylene won the Stern Ghostbusters pinball translite while Rob won a $25 tab at Gestalt!

pinball2016_RAW-5963fFull results for the season are as follows (and posted here on the IFPA site):

1) Robin Lassonde
2) Gene X Hwang
3) Per Schwarzenberger
4) Allison O’Neill
5) Jeremy Herrman
6) Brian O’Neill
7) Derek Lipkin
8) Jack Olson
9 tie) Dave Ryack
9 tie) Mike Villarreal
11 tie) Janel Valdez
11 tie) Andreas Brekken
13) Eric Wagensonner
14) Zac Wollons
15) Chris Connelly
16) Rob Coli
17) Eddie Codel
18) Shon Dolcini
19) Daylene Langum
20) Brandy Thompson
21) Jetta Rae
22) Justin Lee
23) Jared Garvey
23) Ryan Blumenthal
25) Russ Sweetser
26) Genele Egea
27) Alec Longstreth
28) Erol Efendioglu
29) Tom Forgacs
30) Trevor Merz
31) Dale Larson
32) Oona Garthwaite
33) Joey Mucha


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