Season Three Finals!


Last night was the Season Three Finals and PER emerged victorioselfie_league_season_3_winnerus and also won Selfie of the Season for a sweep!

Congrats to Per and we’re super excited about some changes for Season Four which is now happening!

Full results for the season are posted to IFPA and are:

  1. Per Schwarzenberger
  2. Jared Garvey
  3. Zac Wollons
  4. Eric Wagensonner
  5. Gene X Hwang
  6. Robin Lassonde
  7. Chris Connelly
  8. Brian O’Neill
  9. Rob Coli
  10. Mike Villarreal
  11. Jeremy Herrman
  12. Allison O’Neill
  13. Derek Lipkin
  14. Daylene Langum
  15. Janel Valdez
  16. Shon Dolcini
  17. Darren Ensley
  18. Dennis Clark
  19. Brandy Thompson
  20. Nawal Wahhab

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