Season 2 Finals: San Francisco Super Selfie Pinball League


untitled-4198f 11.51.28 PM.jpgWe were fortunate to have finals hosted at one of our players homes on his beautiful collection and EJW (Eric Wagensonner) came out victorious taking the title of Season Two Champion!  The rest of the top four was 2nd: Robin Lassonde, 3rd Jared Garvey and 4th: Brian O’Neill.

The full results are posted on the IFPA site and the Best Selfie Award goes to Rebecca Hinsdale who had two contenders but this one won over Derek Lipkin‘s thematically correct selfie for Fish Tales (his lighting needed to be improved to win #protip)

Derek also streamed finals so check them out on the Hella Heart Pinball channel on Twitch!selfie_league_season_2_winner.jpg


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