Season 3: San Francisco Super Selfie League


For Season 3 we are going to have three rolling multi-day periods to play your games.  Similar to Season 1 where we had different machines every week,  for Season 3 we are doing about three weeks of qualifying with overlapping dates so at some points you can post scores from more than one of the periods.  This is like hockey folks, no quarters or weeks – just periods!


You can play any time during the period listed below starting on Thursday June 2nd, 2016.

You also must submit scores within 12-hours of playing  and at the end of the season the deadline for submitting is an hour after the season closes so if you don’t submit by then, your score may not be counted (this pertains only to games you might be playing up until 11:59pm on June 25th). Note: Your game must FINISH before midnight so if you start a game at 11:55pm and it goes past midnight when you can finally take your selfie, that will not count for that week.

Finals we are still finalizing the location but will post it here shortly.  The top 12 (unless we have less than 24-players in total) will make a bracket where they will play PAPA style in groups of four with 4-2-1-0 scoring (3-games per round).  The top two will advance each round of play until there is only one group of four left and the top four seeds get a bye the first round if there are 12 players in the finals. Ties will be broken by overall score including machines outside of the top scores included so if you are in a tie but played one more machine than the other person (over the minimum), you’d automatically win the tie breaker)

Season Three: 6/2/16 – 6/26/16 – Top 7 scores/games included – choose from:

  • Brewcade: Demolition Man, Star Trek (Stern), Dr. Dude, The Addams Family
  • Cease & Desist: Metallica
  • Summer Place: Laser Cue, Lethal Weapon 3
  • 3300 Club: Monster Bash
  • Gestalt: Ghostbusters, TOTAN, No Fear, Indiana Jones, Game of Thrones, Whirlwind, World Cup Soccer   – new this season!

Period One: 6/2/16 – 6/12/16 – choose from:

  • Laser Cue, Lethal Weapon 3 [Summer Place]
  • Metallica [Cease & Desist]
  • 3300 Club: Monster Bash

Period Two: 6/10/16 – 6/19/16 – choose from:

  • Demolition Man, Star Trek (Stern), Dr. Dude, The Addams Family [Brewcade]
  • 3300 Club: Monster Bash

Period Three: 6/16/16 – 6/26/16 – choose from:

  • Ghostbusters, Bram Stoker’s Dracula,  TOTAN (no longer at Gestalt), No Fear, Indiana Jones (malfunctioning regularly), Game of Thrones, Whirlwind, World Cup Soccer [Gestalt]
  • Metallica [Cease & Desist]

FINALS:  Monday June 27th, 2016 – 7pm at Gestalt


Live standings will always be available on the website here!


As far as rules of play, we will follow the joint IFPA/PAPA ruleset.  Full rules are posted at this link – all players are responsible to know the rules so if you are unsure about something, check that rules page as rules updates may occur which you will be responsible for…

More detailed info on how to upload your scores is posted here!


Locations will vary across the weeks of open play (use PinballMap to see what machines are there and to report issues) so check the schedule above.



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