Friday the 13th at Pin-a-Go-Go pinball tournament


The 20th Pin-a-Go-Go kicks off on Friday the 13th so we’re gonna celebrate by having a fun extra tournament that evening starting at 7pm (meet in front of the tournament bank of machines).  The main tournament will still be on Saturday which the amazing Tom Collins is running and which will benefit the Pacific Pinball Museum, but this will be a more low key event and best of all, it’s FREE as part of your entry to Pin-a-Go-Go!

Depending on how many people we have, we will most likely do group match play which means you get to play in groups of 3-4 players which makes it more social and you can learn from the other folks you play with.

If you’re a rookie or haven’t played in a tournament don’t fret as we will be focusing on having a good time above all.

Please do remember that this particular tournament will be on all available games at the show (the Pin Golf main tournament on Saturday is on a dedicated bank of games, and those are not open to us).  We want to encourage good pinball behaviour too so we will go over those things, but basically don’t be aggro about your play, don’t curse (kids are around and may be in your actual group) and just be a good person in general.

Since we’ll be playing on all the games out on the floor, the only rule for game selection is that the game is open when you come up to it.  This means there will be a plethora of games from all eras to choose from!  Choose wisely! 🙂

Here’s where you can track who’s playing and the results of the tournament.



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