How to Upload a Super Selfie Score


We’re glad you are excited to play in the San Francisco Super Selfie League!  All players should see a “submit score” button when viewing each arena/machine available that week.  But first you must have an account in MatchPlay.

  1. If you don’t already have one, set up a Matchplay account
    Go to
    Enter your name, email and tap “I’m not a robot”
    Choose a password.


2. Register for the tournament:

Go to
Search for “San Francisco” (or click here to auto search)
Choose the most recent “San Francisco Super Selfie League Season” (typically will be named for the current month)
Tap the “Register for tournament” link
Tap the blue “Register for tournament” button (ignore “Find yourself”)

3. Tap the “submit score” button brings up a screen where players can add a photo and enter their score – make sure you choose the right game you just played:

Adding a photo is required since this is a selfie league! After selecting a photo a preview is shown and the player can enter their score below:

Clicking Save score uploads the score as a pending/unapproved score. Pending scores are immediately shown on Match Play Live, but they don’t receive any points until they are approved by the League Administrator(s).

After uploading the photo and saving the score the player is taken to a page where they can review the score and photo:

After a player has submitted their score it will show up under the Scores tab for the tournament organizer.  Simple!

  • Play at least three games to qualify for playoffs at month end.
  • Your best six scores count toward your monthly Standing.
  • Replace scores anytime you get a better one.


Pro Tip:  Horizontal shots work better in Facebook posts, but shoot higher up and down towards yourself and the machine and if you are worried about double chins then push your forehead forward a bit but from the higher angle you should be fine, just don’t tuck your head back 🙂


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