San Francisco Super Selfie League™


SFSSL_S46.jpgNote: Beginning 2020, the January season and beyond will have varying formats.

January 2020 (Season 46) consists of two sessions and a playoff for the final session.
Session 1: Mon. Jan. 6 @ 7pm @ Gestalt ($5)
Session 2: Mon. Jan 20 @ 12:30pm @ Alamo Drafthouse SF ($5)
Playoff/Finals: Wed. Jan. 29 @ 7pm @ Gestalt (Free for qualified players)

The top 8 players would make the final session (based on at least 16 total unique players playing in total, otherwise top 4 if less than 16 total players)  Both nights count, but each night there will be prizes for the top finishers.

Archived content from 2019 and earlier seasons:

2016-02-22-15.30.28.jpgPersonally I’m not a big selfie guy, but San Francisco now has a Super Selfie Pinball League!

What is a super selfie league?

The way this league works is that you have several weeks to compete and submit selfies/scores (each regular season may last a different amount of time, but typically is for a calendar month).  This means you can put in as many entries/selfies as you want while the tournament season is open.

This is to encourage more location play and help the operators out and show locations that pinball can bring people in and hopefully help support those businesses (so buy beer, food or go see a movie, depending on the location, tip well, and please let the business know that you came to play b/c of Super Selfie Pinball League too).

Also you will earn WPPRs (World Pinball Player Ranking Points) as this has been endorsed by the IFPA so if you aren’t already an internationally ranked pinball player, you will be afterwards!


The San Francisco Super Selfie League™ is open to everyone of all skill levels (ages may be restricted by certain venues so check ahead!) Just like taking selfies?  You can play pinball now AND still take your selfies!  You will need a smart phone to take your Super Selfies with.

How /How much?

It’s free* to play aside from coin drop!  Please please remember if you go to a location, please support them – if you only go and play pinball they may not enjoy what pinball brings and choose to get rid of machines or pull out of the SFSSL.  And as you buy your beer or snack, do tell them you’re there because of the pinball!

To submit your scores, take a selfie with yourself and your score visible.  You’ll be able to submit both your score and selfie straight into but you will first have to set up a free account.  

Scores will be updated on and sometimes in the Facebook group (if you choose to also post there – which we encourage as it’s a fun way to interact with others in the league and since often people may be doing their qualifying solo or on their lunch breaks when they should be working).

As far as rules of play, we will follow the joint IFPA/PAPA ruleset.  Feel free to ask about any questions but generally, no bangbacks, death saves and any stuck balls should try and be freed, especially during a multiball.

You also must submit scores within 48-hours of playing and at the end of the season the deadline for submitting is a 15-minutes after the season closes so if you don’t submit by then, your score may not be counted (this pertains only to games you might be playing up until 11:59pm on the last day of the month/season).  

Similar to the Oakland Pinball Warriors we also allow qualifying up until the playoff date.  So while the regular season closes at the end of each calendar month, players can still submit scores up until the beginning of the playoffs.  However, any byes if available and such are all locked in at the end of the month (plus the 15-minute grace period to submit your scores).

Note: Your game must FINISH before midnight so if you start a game at 11:55pm and it goes past midnight when you can finally take your selfie, that will not count for that week.

The only tie breaks we will make are for byes (if available) and in those cases the determination will be made by number of top scores, then number of 2nd place scores, etc. until a tie is broken. All submitted scores will count in this tie-breaker.  So playing more different games (even beyond the six that count for your qualifying score will be used).  If there is still a tie, a coin flip will be made. You may play extra balls but Buy-Ins are not allowed.  If you get a Midnight Madness mode, you can still count your score as well.  

More detailed info on how to upload your scores is posted here!

Playoff Format Details

The finals will consist of a preliminary round followed by a PAPA-style group elimination. Cost for participants is $5.
In the preliminary round, players will play groups of three or four. Scoring will be 7-5-3-1 (7-4-1 for groups of three). Pairings, player order, and games will be ‘balanced’ as chosen by the matchplay software. The number of games played and number of players advancing to the group elimination stage will vary based on the number of players qualified (see below). Tiebreakers for who advances to the group elimination stage will be played on a randomly chosen ‘fast’ playing game. Order choice on this game will be based on qualifying (highest qualifier gets first order choice, etc.)
Players who do not advance to the group elimination stage are eligible to play in the B division. Format will be chosen on the day of based on the number of players participating.
Players will be placed into groups of four (sometimes three) based on their seed from the qualifying. Groups will play three games and the scoring is 7-5-3-1 (7-4-1 in three player groups). After three games, the top two players from each group will advance to the next round. If players are tied for one of the advancing positions, then a tie-breaking game will be played.
Tournament officials may declare a player as a winner of a game in progress; that player will get the maximum number of points for that game. This will generally occur only if the pace of the tournament is at risk due to exceptionally good play. The affected player must stop play immediately. Any other player reaching the same score in that game will also receive the maximum number of points for that game.

In order to meet IFPA rules for games counting towards the TGP value of the tournament, the finals format will vary slightly based on how many people play the minimum number of required games during qualifying.

If 32 or more people play in qualifying, the preliminary round will be four games (4 players receive byes out of this round) and the group elimination stage starts with 16 people (12 people advance out of the preliminary round and join the 4 players with byes).

24-31 PEOPLE
If 24 to 31 people play in qualifying, the preliminary round will be four games (4 players receive byes out of this round) and the group elimination stage starts with 12 people (8 people advance out of the preliminary round and join the 4 players with byes). The first round of the group elimination stage will be played in 3-player groups.

16-23 PEOPLE
If 16 to 23 people play in qualifying, the preliminary round will be five games (no players will receive byes) and the group elimination stage starts with 8 people.

In the preliminary round, each of the top four seeds will be allowed to pick their group’s game one time during the preliminary round. The groups will be drawn without any games being assigned. The top four seeds will then be given an opportunity to choose a game for their group. Priority will be given to the top seed. For example, if two of the top seeds are in a group and the top seed selects a game, then the other will not be able to select a game in that round.

Format TBD


Each season may run a different length but typically lasts the actual month up until the playoff date and has a playoff tournament component afterwards (this will be detailed in the MatchPlay tournament/season details).

Go to and search for “San Francisco Super Selfie League” and you should find the current season.


Locations will vary each season so make sure to check the current season to see what games are in use (use PinballMap to see what machines are there and to report issues).


Email questions, media requests, etc. at

NOTE: by playing in the San Francisco Super Selfie League you agree to being ranked by the IFPA.

* Beginning in 2018, playoffs will cost $5 to play in and most of the money will go to the prize pool.  However, some of the funds will be paid to IFPA for a sanctioning fee they have instigated.  Additionally, amounts to cover incidentals like tape and printing for flyers, etc. may also be taken out of the overall prize pool.

Last updated: October 9, 2019 @ 10:51am PT


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