Rumble in the Desert III: a Las Vegas team pinball battle



In town over the Pin-Masters or Women’s World Pinball Championships?  Are you a winning state champion but still wanna throw down but with partners instead?  Find two more friends (or show up and we’ll team you up) and get ready for the Rumble in the Desert III!

Inspired by other team pinball competitions this one will pit teams of three against each other.  Come up with a name (or if you’re already in a pinball gang just use that) and battle for glory and cash!

When: Sat March 19th, 2016 @ 7pm

Where: Flipperspiel Underground: 6000 S Eastern Ave. #4D Las Vegas, NV 89119

What: A pinball battle amongst three-person teams

How much? $30 per team (note if you are not a Member of Flipperspiel there is a $10 drop in rate but that means you can play all day/night as well as free soda and other drinks)

Format: For 3-ball games, each team chooses what order their team goes and vice versa.  For 5-ball games, teams choose their order of play, but the other team can choose to switch one person with another at the beginning of each match.

For the actual games it’s best of three series randomly drawn and double elimination overall.

Coaching is allowed as well since this is a team effort!

Extra balls must be plunged and no flipping, nudging etc. although you can set up a lane for a skill shot but NO super skill shots.

NO WPPRS – FUN ONLY!!!! (and cash prizes)



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