Jan 2016 Flipperspiel Underground Las Vegas Pinball Tournament Series



January 29-30th will see a tournament series at Flipperspiel Underground.  This will have two different formats.  One format will likely be a strikes battle (4-strikes) and the other may be match play in groups with a finals bracket.  Will be based on the number of competitors but also be firmed up closer to the date.

Players need not play in both events but the results will be aggregated from both events so you will place higher if you make both.

Entry Fee: $10 each tournament and Flipperspiel has offered tournament players a reduced daily entry rate of $5 for non-members!

Tournament 1: Friday Night Pinball: 7pm start time – four strikes or Match Play in 4-player groups – will depend on # of competitors.

Tournament 2: Saturday afternoon Pinball: 6pm start – most likely this will be a 4-strike knockout tournament

For the overall series scoring will be 105-09-80-70-65-60-55-50-45… (1st place finisher gets 105 pts, 2nd place earns 90 pts, etc.)  We will be posting the results of the standings after Friday night’s tournament as well as final results once the series is complete!

Live Standings on MatchPlay are live here!



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