Winter has Come… Pinball Tournament series!


pinball2015_1131.jpgYep it’s Winter in NorCal and by the time this tournament kicks off the new code for Game of Thrones should be out and we got a preview about some of the new tweaks to Winter Has Come that should be out if things go as planned.  We also like to stay dry indoors playing pinball and drinking beer and eating pretzels so come by this three-tournament series as we wrap up 2015.  Get in your last ditch WPPRs if you are trying to qualify for state of the new Women’s World Championships too!

Each session of the three for this tourney will have a different format depending on the number of folks that show up since with the fixed # of machines we don’t want to draw things out too long.


#1: Wednesday Dec 16th at 7pm – $5 (Facebook event page)
#2: Sunday Dec 20th at 1pm- $5 (Facebook event page)
#3: Wednesday Dec 23rd at 7pm- $5 (Facebook event page)


Gestalt: 3159 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 – for a list of current machines, consult the Pinball Map!

Also the bartenders here are into pinball – tip them well – here’s their IFPA profiles and ranks as of Nov 18, 2015 (photos from their FB profiles):
 (2,877th) | Justin (10,993rd) | Derek (22,936th)


Formats may vary, but here’s the likely formats we’ll use.  Each tournament is discreet but also part of a larger series so if you just want to attend one, there’s no requirement to hit up any of the others.  However, the overall winner (based on accumulated points) will win the series. Only your top two placings count so you can play in one, two or three to maximize your best combined score!

#1: ‘Winter is Freaking Coming!’ format: Players will be playing two player games in the HURRY HURRY/Pinmas format (if you didn’t play in either of those tournaments, basically everyone will be playing on a game and it’ll be 2-player matches.  Loser stays on the machine and the winner moves to the queue and you play on whichever game opens up.  If you lose twice, you move to the queue as well)  Don’t worry we’ll explain in more detail at the tournament but it’s fun and fast paced, as if you were trying to outrun winter!

Note: you will also get a free instant photo of yourself as that’s how we’ll be tracking who’s who for the tourney 🙂

#2: Since this one is squeezed in between the Winter Series that Per is hosting at Free Gold Watch, we’re going to do something simple that will appeal to beginners and die-hards who want to play tournaments four days in a row!  This one will be two hours of match play (7-5-3-1 scoring) and then a finals bracket.

#3: 4-strikes!  Battle head-to-head in a four strike challenge.  It’s the Wednesday before Christmas Eve so no work excuses (unless you’re an elf or Santa!)


Scoring for the series will be 105-90-80-70-65-60-55-50-45, 44, 43, 42…

So if you win #1 you’ll have 105 point, 2nd place will have 90, etc. We will have a cumulative scoreboard up after the first tournament date is finished.


Looking for a visual strategy guide for Game of Thrones?  Here’s one that was posted online by ScoutPilgrim on Pinside (also shown below)



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