San Francisco Super Selfie League™


2016-02-22-15.30.28.jpgPersonally I’m not a big selfie guy, but San Francisco now has a Super Selfie Pinball League!

What is a super selfie league?

The way this league works is that you have several weeks to compete and submit selfies/scores (each regular season may last a different amount of time, but typically is for a calendar month).  This means you can put in as many entries/selfies as you want while the tournament season is open.

This is to encourage more location play and help the operators out and show locations that pinball can bring people in and hopefully help support those businesses (so buy beer, food or go see a movie, depending on the location, tip well, and please let the business know that you came to play b/c of Super Selfie Pinball League too).

Also you will earn WPPRs (World Pinball Player Ranking Points) as this has been endorsed by the IFPA so if you aren’t already an internationally ranked pinball player, you will be afterwards!


Federation and Gestalt’s “Balls of Steel” SF Beer Week Pinball Tournament


Feb 9-16, 2018 @ Gestalt – This week long competition gives you the chance to beat Federation’s head brewer, Aram, at his third favorite thing: pinball. He has been playing all six machines at Gestalt and setting the score for you to best.  Any person to beat Arams score on any given machine wins a free beer (limit one beer/game/person/day)! Whoever has the highest combined score wins the grand prize with all kinds of Federation loot.

No playoffs!  You can submit scores here and up to six scores count!

24-Hour Pinball Battle of San Francisco


pinball2015_1053fEver wanted to test your limits of playing pinball?  Or want to support a great children’s hospital?  This tournament is open to all levels and is more focused as a fundraiser for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital where they already have one pinball machine in the “teen lounge” and have a pinball world champion on staff as well!

Help us raise some more funds as part of the Extra Life Gaming Marathon and have fun while you’re at it!

All the latest will be posted on the Facebook page here!