Stern Foo Fighters launch party – Gestalt

foo fighters pinball launch party

Coming soon, Jack Danger’s first full release – Foo Fighters! $5 entry and more details to come…

Sunday April 23rd – 1pm


Sunday Flips – March 19, 2023 @ Gestalt


So we’re back for another installment of Sunday flips! May try new formats for this but will be TBD for now. $5 entry and starting at 2pm at Gestalt 3159 16th Street.

Results are posted on IFPA

Formats we’re considering for this and future events are: max match play (similar to flip frenzy), ladder or amazing race format, time attack and split flipper as well. This particular tournament is IFPA sanctioned so we can only do certain formats. but we may make this a weekly/bi-weekly and then would have more chances to try out new things

Sunday Flips @ Gestalt – Sunday Feb 5, 2023 @ 2pm


Gestalt is opening early just for us pinballers! Come by and play all afternoon for a Sunday version of Tuesday Night Flips!

$5 entry and we’ve also got the custom original Boys Night Out machine on hand! It will be included in the matches and has it’s own special tournament that starts at 6pm as well which you can enter scores for DURING the main Sunday Flips tournament! Gestalt is currently CASH ONLY so please plan accordingly. Also you can bring your own food – if you like pizza, Deja Vu Pizza on 16th past Guerrero is a fantastic option 🍕

12.12.22 SF SF Challenge


The San Francisco Split Flipper Challenge will be a Pin-Golf event for any teams that wish to play and will of course be in split flipper format. If you don’t know what split flipper is it’s basically two people playing the machines at the same time but each person taking control of one side of the machine’s flippers. Some machines have more than one button on each side and some have a button in the middle. The middle button can be pressed by anyone but the individual sides must be flipped by only the person controlling that sides flipper(s). You can switch up sides if you like between balls for this first one and you should also come up with a team name.

For the Pin Golf this challenge we’ll do an eight (8) hole course on all the machines. The way this works is that you play each hole (machine) and try to achieve a goal. You must play with another duo as you go through the course (or up to three other duos) and record your scores like in golf. For those of you who aren’t golfers, this means if you achieve the goal on ball one, you score a hole in one (1). If you achieve it on ball two you get a score of two (2) and if on ball three, a three (3). If you don’t achieve the score all all during your game you get a four (4). If you do get an extra ball you can play it and it counts as the same ball so that can be a tactic you use as well.

Thursday night Flips – no karaoke edition


no karaoke pinball Tourney @ Gestalt

Don’t wanna hear any karaoke? then this one is for you!

A Thursday night to flip at Gestalt (3159 16th Street, San Francisco, CA) – $5 entry + coin drop and starts at 7pm. Get your year-end WPPRs and have some fun during the holiday season.

Dec 22 @ 7pm start – Flip Frenzy! $5 entry + coin drop – IFPA Results

Dec 29, 2022 – more info to come on format, etc. $5 entry + coin drop, 7pm start – will try to do max TGP as it’s the last tourney of the year here in SF so likely will do another flip frenzy and group match play playoffs and finals. – IFPA Results